eBuy Marketplace – Time-Saving Tips

Below are some tips for shopping efficiently in the eBuy Marketplace.

Find Products Quickly:

  • Shop from Recommended Products  More
  • Order custom / Non-catalog Items   More
  • Order By Part Number using Order Type ➔ Quick Order  More
  • Re-order products from your Cart History  More

Other Efficient Shopping Tips:

  • Set a Default Project and Activity for all orders  More
  • Turn Off the Autofill Function when completing your order  More
  • Use one cart/requisition for Multiple Suppliers  More
  • Create a Custom Supplier List on the My Supplier Tab  More
  • Save Carts for future use  More
  • Share a Cart Copy from your Saved Carts and Cart History  More
  • Unable Complete Your Order? Retrieve Last Active Cart under the
    Cart Icon  More

Download the Marketplace Navigation Guide for a summary of features, and learn more on the Tutorials page.