Property Management


Gifting of Property for Use at Berkeley Lab

June 6, 2016

Property that is deemed excess to the needs of another DOE Laboratory, DOE Facility or DOE Agency-Level Organization may have accountability transferred to Berkeley Lab via an Administrative Transfer Order.

However, when property is offered to Berkeley Lab by any non-federal entity outside of the “DOE community”, it is considered to be a “gift” to the University of California Regents. Gifts of property to Berkeley Lab are processed by the Innovation & Partnerships Office (IPO).

  • Neither Berkeley Lab (DOE) nor Lab employees may accept gifts of “personal property” – which includes all equipment, material, and supplies not classified as real property
  • Gifts of property are accepted in the name of, and title is vested with, the Regents of the University of California
  • Any property that has been accepted as a gift or that has been purchased with funds specifically accountable as a gift must be reported in accordance with the University of California and Berkeley Lab practices (see RPM Gifts for Research, Solicitation and Acceptance of)
  • Property acquired via IPO’s gifting process may be used at Berkeley Lab
  • The Innovation & Partnerships Office will notify Property Management when a gift of property has been accepted, so that an inventory record can be established
  • Gift acceptance paperwork must be approved by UC Regents before any equipment can be shipped to Berkeley Lab
  • The requesting division must contact their assigned EHS Division Liaison prior to using gifted property