Assets Managed by Others

The following personal property items are managed and controlled by Laboratory Departments other than Property Management. See below for specific information about types of property and situations in which Property Management does not manage.

Management and Control of Cellular Smart Phones

Berkeley Lab cellular smart phones are managed and controlled via electronic serial number. Berkeley Lab’s Telephone Services is responsible for management and control (including inventories) of cellular smart phones. These phones no longer receive a Berkeley Lab/DOE property barcode tag and are not tracked in the Sunflower AMS. Please direct inquiries to Adams Lee 510.486.4966 of Telephone Services.

Borrow from Vendor

Property may be borrowed from a commercial supplier for testing or evaluation. Property that is borrowed for testing and evaluation is approved, managed, tracked and controlled by the department executing the borrow. The custodian is responsible for assuring that all Legal, Procurement and EH&S requirements are addressed prior to executing the borrow or commencing with the testing or evaluation. A Borrow from Vendor does not establish or imply an obligation on the part of the Laboratory to do anything other than return the property at the conclusion of the test.

Gifting Property to Berkeley Lab

Berkeley Lab may not accept an offer of personal property from any entity outside of the DOE community. This type of offer is considered a gift to the University of California (Regents) and may not be used at Berkeley Lab. The Office of Sponsored Projects and Industry Partnerships (OSPIP) processes all gifts in accordance with University policy and submits documentation to Property Management. Property gifted to the University is identified as Property of Others.

Please visit the Office of Sponsored Projects and Industry Partnerships (OSPIP) for more information on gifting.

Property Belonging to Others

Personal property that is in the custody of the Laboratory but that the Laboratory does not hold title to are termed Property Belonging to Others. Examples include property belonging to other DOE contractors, federal agencies, subcontractors, or other entities. Generally, such property will not be barcode tagged, instead it will be identified with a Property of Others sticker. The Property Representative for the Division with custody of the asset is responsible for applying the Property of Others sticker. All property belonging to others must be supported by a borrow agreement, lease agreement, subcontract, MOU/MOA or Work For Others Agreement that establishes a formal relationship with the Laboratory and the other party and defines and limits the Laboratory’s liability for the property. Personal property not supported by such an agreement is prohibited from being brought onto/into a Berkeley Lab on-site/off-site location.