New – CEC Agreement Subaward Request Form

Many grant awards the Lab receives from the California Energy Commission (CEC) include special grant terms and restrictions that flow-down to subcontracts such as:

  • Intellectual Property Rights
  • Spend in California Requirements
  • Cost and Rate Ceilings

Because of this, Procurement developed a CEC Agreement Grant Subcontract Request form to be attached to all requisitions for subcontracts funded by the CEC.This request form asks for information so that Procurement can incorporate Lab Legal Counsel approved special terms and conditions in the subcontract, including special invoicing requirements, when appropriate.

The CEC Agreement Subaward Request form can be accessed from the Procurement & Property main website by clicking on Forms in the header.

Procurement’s Customer Guides for Goods & Services and Research & Development have been updated to add instruction on when to submit this form. Click here to view.

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