Division Property Representatives & Coordinators

Property Representatives

Each division identifies a Property Representative.  In almost all cases the Property Representative will have collateral responsibilities, in other words, the Property Representatives wear more than one hat.  Property Representatives, for the most part, report to the Division Business Manager. They do not report to the Laboratory Property Manager, nor is there any line management responsibility or accountability that flows from the Property Manager to a division.

Property Representatives are responsible for executing and/or coordinating several specifically defined decentralized property management activities and act to promote Division compliance with property procedures.  Property Representatives are responsible for ensuring that division property records are accurate and current as reflected in the Asset Management System (Sunflower).

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Property Coordinators

Property Coordinators may be appointed by a division to assist their Property Representatives in the administrative details of Property Management. Property Representatives and Coordinators work together to execute divisional property management responsibilities.

Property Representatives Meetings

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