FMS System Maintenance April 12 at Noon

The Financial Management System (FMS) (including eBuy, eRFIC and AP Invoice certification) will be down for regular system maintenance from noon on Friday April 12 through noon on Sunday, April 14. The maintenance includes upgrading the system with PeopleSoft application images from 26 through 30. Please note the upgrade will not change the functionality of the system. Given below is a brief background and reason for the upgrade.

The vendor of FMS, Oracle, releases images (bundle of bug fixes and minor functionality upgrades) approximately every 3 months. Since F$M go-live in October 2014, we upgraded FMS from image 5 through 25 (20 images) in May 2018. Starting FY19, the plan is to do an upgrade to FMS every year with 4/5 images released during the year instead of waiting for 3/4 years to do a major upgrade. Upgrading the system every year keeps it current with the latest bug fixes, the scope of the project and work involved will be significantly smaller.

Again, this upgrade will not change the current user functionality of the system. If you have questions, please email [email protected]