Telework Equipment & Supplies

If you are teleworking and need furniture, a monitor, computer headphones or webcam, ergonomic accessories, or consumable supplies delivered to a remote location, from eBuy select the Telework catalog and under Lists select the Telework Equipment and Supplies link. You can view and shop the pre-approved list of telework equipment and supplies available for purchase from the Telework catalog on eBuy.

For all of these options, you are always expected to demonstrate good stewardship of taxpayer funds and to work with your supervisor to ensure you comply with any requirements established by your project or division.

How to Choose the Right Accessories

Berkeley Lab wants to ensure that remote work is conducted safely and productively. The Telework at Berkeley Lab website (Telework@BerkeleyLab) is available to assist employees and supervisors in making decisions about what remote work accessories might be needed. 

Tutorials for eBuy Users – How to Ship to a Remote Location

The guide available here will help you learn to use the eBuy Telework catalog. It includes detailed instructions on how to enter an address for shipping to a remote location. Note that shipping to a remote location is only available on the Telework catalog and each order can only be sent to one remote location.

How to Check on/Cancel or Return a Telework Catalog Item

To check on or cancel an order, you may contact Guy Brown’s Telework Catalog Customer Support team at 877.855.0028 and/or See the process for returning items bought from the Telework catalog here

How to Request an Item be Added to the Telework Catalog

Suggestions will be accepted here. All suggestions will be reviewed for adherence to Laboratory policy, EHS, and IT as appropriate. Products that will be considered also must have general use for the Laboratory community. Please note that it can take up to 72 hours for an approved item to be available in the catalog.

Ordering Telework Equipment and Supplies Not Found in the Telework Catalog

Please create an ePro requisition for ordering telework equipment and supplies not found on the Telework catalog.