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raisehand-166671623The OCFO offers a full curriculum of FMS v 9.2 courses. The following Procurement-related eLearning courses are available.


Role Course Number Title
Introduction to Acquisition at LBNL CFO0205 Introduction to Acquisition at LBNL Training
Division Purchase Cardholder FMS1410 Purchasing Using a Division Purchase Card (PCard)
Division Cardholder’s Approver FMS1415 PCard Approver Training
Requisition Preparer FMS1406 ePro Requisition Preparer: Key Concepts
Note:  Will take 24 hours from completion for FMS access
Requisition Preparer (Video) How to Create an ePro Requisition
Requisition Approver FMS1407 ePro Requisition and eBuy Approver Training
Technical Representative CFO0330
eBuy User eBuy Tutorials
Invoice Certifier FMS1465 Invoice Certification
Procurement Webinars Procurement Channels – May 26, 2016
Quick Videos on Acquisition Topics

Click the heading below related to your role for more information regarding each of these courses.

For Division PCard Cardholders and Approvers

FMS v.9.2 Training:

Cardholders and their Approvers are required to complete eLearning training prior to being granted access to ePro v9.2 to create PCard orders and reconcile/verify/approve bank statement transactions. You will see completion for this training reflected in your Berkeley Lab Training Profile.

The Division Purchase Cardholder (PCard) Program allows authorized employees to make business-related purchases for low-value, standard off-the-shelf items and services not available from the eBuy online catalog, which do not require a Purchase Order or special approval. Click here to view the PCard site. If you have any technical issues, questions, or feedback, please contact

For Requisition Preparers

FMS v.9.2 Training:

This training is a self-paced online course that provides instruction on the business and technical aspects of creating requisitions in ePro v.9.2. All Requisition Preparers must take this eLearning course prior to creating a requisition in ePro v.9.2. System access will not be granted until you receive course credit. You will see completion for this training reflected in your Berkeley Lab Training Profile. If you have any technical issues, questions, or feedback, please contact

ePro v9.2 User Guide:

ePro v9.2 User Guide has been updated. You can access it by clicking on the link below or by visiting the Procurement & Property website under ePro Tools.

For Requisition Approvers

FMS v.9.2 Training:

It is recommended that Requisition Approvers take this eLearning course prior to approving a requisition in eProcurement v.9.2. If you have any technical issues, questions, or feedback, please contact

Invoice Certification Requirements

  • It is required that all employees who review and/or certify vendor invoices complete the FMS 1465 Invoice Certification (a 20-minute training course). Employees cannot be assigned to certify a new or modified purchase order/subcontract if they have not taken the training course.
  • An invoice certifier is required to certify that goods were received or services were satisfactorily performed per purchase order/subcontract requirements and that the invoice adheres to the terms of the purchase order/subcontract. This may require the certifier to consult with the technical representative and/or requester.
  • The certification must be performed in a timely manner to ensure that the vendor/supplier is paid within the payment terms of the purchase order/subcontract. Failure to provide timely certification may result in a late payment, which could affect Berkeley Lab’s ability to comply with the purchase order/subcontract and/or U.S. Department of Energy requirements.
Closeout of Purchase Orders eliminates the Laboratory’s liability, so it’s imperative that closeout be completed as soon as possible after a contract or Purchase Order is physically complete, unless some unique or peculiar circumstances preclude the closing. Procurement’s PO Closeout page provides useful information to assist you.

Technical Representative training is an eLearning course that provides information regarding the responsibilities of technical representatives:

  • Responsibilities as a technical representative of the Laboratory
  • Understanding contract requirements
  • How to provide appropriate technical direction within the scope of the subcontract
  • Role in reviewing, assessing, and accepting contact deliverables
  • The need to review contractor invoices
  • How to close a contract or purchase order and deobligate funds
Link to Online Training Course Duration
Technical Representative Training This training takes approximately 30-45 minutes to complete.