Property Management

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Telework Equipment & Supplies – Responsible Use, Tracking and Return

Please coordinate all property returns with your manager & Area/Division property rep

Updated June 21, 2022

The full version of this article, including employee responsibilities for government property, can be found on our Property Management News Archive page. Additionally, information about returning telework equipment and supplies can be found on our Turn-in Excess Property page. Please also read Your Responsibility to Protect Lab Property (June 17, 2020).

Please contact PropertyManagement for questions regarding the return of Lab property.

New Property Management & Accounting System

Updated September 22, 2022

Sunflower, the current Property Management and Accounting system has been replaced with a new system FMS Asset Management effective 6/27/2022. Please note that the change will not impact majority of the Berkeley Lab community. All the impacted stakeholders (Property Management and Accounting groups, Property representatives, Division Management) have been/will be trained on the new system functionality.


Sunflower is Berkeley Lab’s current Property Management and Property Accounting system. From initial property items (Plant & Equipment, Computers etc.) purchase through their eventual retirement or disposal, Sunflower provides critical information related to ownership, location, cost, depreciation etc..

Sunflower was implemented over 20 years ago. It is a proprietary application with very limited functionality and flexibility, and is not able to support the growing business needs of Berkeley Lab. FMS Asset Management, a module/sub-system within the suite of PeopleSoft Financial Management System (FMS) will be a replacement system, which has enhanced functionality and better system integration.


Property Management & Property Accounting reports are available in the LBNL BAR system.


Moving forward if there are any system issues, please log an FMS Helpdesk ticket by either:
> Emailing
> Navigating to AskUS and selecting ‘OCFO Systems’