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BigFix and the FY20 Inventory
February 2020

BigFix is being used in the lab’s current FY20 Statistical Sample Inventory campaign.  All DOE-tagged systems running BigFix are automatically counted for inventory, reducing the need to manually scan barcodes.

What can BigFix do for you?

  • Inventory and reporting tool
  • Help find and track computer assets
  • Increase computer security and reduce administration

Berkely Lab IT and Property Management encourage you to install BigFix on all desktop and laptop systems.

FY 20 Statistical Sample Inventory BigFix Resolutions as of February 1st, 2020:

  • Total amount of assets automatically counted: 3,183
  • Percentage of the overall inventory base automatically resolved: 18.3%

A flyer that can be used to help promote the use of BigFix in your division can be found here.