Property Management

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Improved Process for Sending DOE Barcode-Tagged Property to Excess

November 1, 2018

Government property that is no longer needed by a property custodian and their division, is deemed “excess”, and can be sent to Berkeley Lab’s Excess turn-in facility to be made available for re-utilization by Lab employees and federal agencies and contractors, educational institutions, and non-profits.

Property Management has developed a standardized process of sending DOE-barcode tagged property to Excess. The new process will require that the Excess facility be notified via the asset management system prior to transfer of such an item, so that there is appropriate hand-off and recording of tagged property for barcoded property being transferred to Excess. Barcode-tagged assets arriving at Excess without a prior request will no longer be accepted.  Please contact your Division Property Representative, if you wish to have DOE barcode-tagged property transferred to Excess.

Information regarding Excess services, including operating hours and contact information can be found here.