Lab Holiday Shutdown Planning – Be mindful of expiring subcontracts

As CY2020 draws to a close, you may have POs/subcontracts expiring in December or January. Please submit ePro requisitions for subcontracts expiring in December and early January as soon as possible. This will allow the procurement specialist (PS) sufficient time to address subcontract requirements, award a new subcontract, or modify the subcontract, before it expires.

ePro requisitions must be approved in FMS and be accompanied by all pertinent information/documentation by December 1, 2020 in order to be dispatched prior to the Lab shutdown December 23, 2020 (for subcontracts expiring in December). 

We will do all that we can to process your requisitions as quickly as possible. Please note the following:

  • Approved ePro requisitions must be accompanied by all pertinent information/documentation before they will be processed by Procurement. Ensure a point of contact is identified on the requisition who will be available to provide any missing documentation and, if needed, respond to questions from the PS.
  • While most period-of-performance extensions are simple, be aware that extending an existing subcontract could involve complexities; such as a significant increase in the value of the subcontract, or changes to pricing or terms that require additional time for the PS to negotiate and appropriately address these complex issues. Plan ahead; submit an ePro requisition early to allow time to address potential issues. Please take into consideration:
    • Total PO value. The total PO value is not the requisition total, but rather it is the full value of the PO, including optional extensions.
    • Cycle Time. Acquisition complexity and total PO value drive cycle times. Please note the estimated cycle times based on the total PO value, at the link.
    • Supplier lead-time. Some suppliers may need additional lead-time to:
      • Complete onboard prior to starting work (supplier setup; complete safety, insurance, and/or other Lab requirements related to the work).
      • Deliver the goods/provide the services.
    • Terms and Conditions.  In the event the supplier does not accept the Lab’s PO/subcontract terms and conditions, the PS will need to negotiate further with the supplier and obtain appropriate approvals for any changes prior to awarding the PO/subcontract.

Should you have a critical need or an emergency situation related to a subcontract expiring in December or January, or need assistance, please contact the PS or one of the individuals listed below.

  • Construction – Laura Crosby,
  • Research and Development – Michelle Garcia,
  • Services – Laura Sanders,
  • Goods (>$25K) and Technology – Diane Hutchinson,
  • Goods (<$25K) – Vincent Cheung,

If you have any questions, please contact the Procurement Help Desk at or 510.486.6400.