Chemical Purchases – FMS Requisition Changes (due to Implementation of the new Chemical Management System)

There has been a change to the requisition entry process in the Financial Management System (FMS) due to a new Chemical Management System (CMS) that is scheduled to take effect on July 5, 2022. These changes will impact requesters and requisition preparers who order chemicals as well.

Reason for these changes: Chemical purchases need to be screened prior to their arrival on site to ensure their safety and compliance with Lab chemical safety policies. The new system and changes will allow for a more comprehensive screening by program Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to ensure that appropriate approvals, work planning, and safety controls are in place.

You can view the changes and new FMS process in an interactive infographic by clicking here.

  • Benefits of integrating FMS and CMS: 
    • The data collected in FMS on the requisition will automatically create a container entry in the CMS to track the chemical from purchase. The entry by the requester/requisition preparer will alleviate the need  for the recipient of the chemical to enter this data into the CMS once it arrives .  This is unlike the current process that involves waiting until the item is received and entering it manually.
    • The chemical will be properly tracked from the point of purchase, which will create a safer working environment.
  • How the changes appear in FMS:
    • An initial question will be added to the requisition entry screen and it will ask if the item is a hazardous chemical or gas.  This question will need to be answered for EVERY line of the requisition.
      • A link to a resource for determining if a purchase meets the criteria of a hazardous chemical or gas tracked in the CMS will also be included.
    • If the answer is yes, then the requisition preparer will be required to enter product information and the location where it will be stored, through a pop up page on the requisition (see screenshot below)

Information will be captured at the requisition submission/checkout step for chemical purchases from both eBuy and ePro Procurement channels.

  • What this means for requisition preparers:
    • If you are a requisition preparer, you’ll need the following information from the purchase requester
      • Is the purchase a hazardous chemical or gas?
      • If the answer is yes, then you will need all other necessary information about the product, storage location, owner etc.  More information about this can be found on the CMS Inventory Guidelines via the link below.
    • Please work with your PI/chemical coordinator to be sure you can gather the required information.
  • What this means for requesters:
    • If you are a requester, please make sure your requisition preparer has complete and accurate information if you’re purchasing a hazardous chemical or gas. If you can provide your requisition preparer with the information they need in advance of the requisition entry it will reduce delays. The requisition preparer will have to hold the requisition entry and submittal until the data can be entered.
    • You’re making the same determination and entering all the information upfront instead of after a chemical is received.
    • Order early and anticipate delays.
      • Program SMEs will monitor the impact of these changes and minimize delays.
      • There will be some impact to order times to ensure the lab meets its requirements for hazardous material screening prior to arrival at Berkeley Lab onsite and offsite locations.

For more information about CMS, see the CMS Inventory Guidelines, or contact