Fiscal Year-End is Approaching; Please be Mindful of Key Procurement Dates

Fiscal Year-End is Approaching

Please be Mindful of Key Procurement Dates

As Fiscal Year-End 2022 approaches, you may have POs/subcontracts expiring in FY2022-Q4 (July through September). Similarly, you may have long-lead time or complex purchases that require extra time to award. Please submit your ePro requisitions (with required documents) for these Subcontracts as soon as possible, and prior to the cutoff dates (shown below).

Due to the higher volume of requisitions at fiscal year-end, our Procurement Specialists (PS) may need additional time to issue modifications or new awards.

Please refer to the table below for cutoff dates for all ePro and eBuy requisitions.

Note that due to changes in the Simplified Acquisition Threshold ($150K to $250K), we will be processing a larger volume of transactions this year during the remaining months before year-end close. As such, we have shifted the first cutoff date slightly to allow more time to process the additional volume of awards (i.e. between $150K and $250K).

Cutoff Date Amount
8/29/2022 ePro Requisitions >$25K and < $250K
9/9/2022 ePro Reqs <$25k
9/21/2022 eBuy transactions; last day to dispatch POs

Note: Awards >$250K may take 3 to 6 months or more to process, depending on complexity; so there isn’t a cutoff date noted above.

The OCFO Fiscal Year End key points and procurement cutoff dates will be published in late July at the OCFO Fiscal Year End close site. You will receive another reminder of the Procurement cutoff dates for Fiscal Year End 2022 in our August newsletter.

You, as a requester/technical representative, are a key partner on each acquisition. Keeping the following information in mind before you submit your requisition will allow us to process as quickly as possible:

  • Approved ePro requisitions must be accompanied by all pertinent information/ documentation such as a Statement of Work, proposals/quotes, required forms, etc. before they will be processed by the PS. Ensure a point of contact is identified on the requisition, i.e. the person who will be available to provide any missing documentation and, if needed, clarify requirements with the PS.

  • Please take into consideration:

    • Total PO Value. The total PO value is not just the requisition total. It is the full value of the PO, including optional extensions.

    • Cycle Time. Acquisition complexity and Total PO Value drive the time it takes to award a subcontract or modification. This is often referred to as cycle time. Please note the estimated cycle times, based on the total PO value, on the Know Before You Buy page.

    • Plan ahead. While most period-of-performance extensions are simple, be aware that extending an existing subcontract could involve complexities, such as a significant increase in the value of the subcontract or changes to pricing and/or terms, that require additional time for the PS to negotiate and appropriately address. Plan ahead; submit your requisition early to allow time to address potential issues.

    • Supplier lead-time. Include ample lead-time to allow the supplier to:

      • Onboard prior to starting work (supplier setup; completion of safety, insurance, and/or other Lab requirements related to the work).

      • Deliver the goods/provide the services.  Some goods are experiencing longer than normal lead-times due to supply chain issues.

    • Terms and Conditions. In the event the supplier does not initially accept the Lab’s PO/subcontract standard terms and conditions, the PS will need to negotiate further with the supplier and obtain appropriate approvals for any changes prior to awarding the PO/subcontract.

    • Approvals. Department of Energy approvals may be required for DOE Contractor Orders, Intra-University Transaction Agreements, Buy American, etc., and/or Subcontracts that require special terms and conditions.

Should you have a critical need or concern related to a subcontract expiring in FY2022-Q4, or need assistance, please contact the PS directly or one of the individuals listed below.

Team Contact
Construction Laura Crosby,
Research and Development Michelle Garcia,
Services Laura Sanders,
Goods (>$25K) and Technology Diane Hutchinson,
Goods (<$25K) Vincent Cheung,

If you have questions, please contact the Procurement Help Desk at or 510.486.6400.