System for Award Management ( Registration Changes

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Laboratory Suppliers are required to be registered in the United States government’s System for Award Management ( database for the duration of their valid purchase order and/or subcontract if the award is over $3,500 and the work is performed within the United States.

Suppliers who are not registered or have not maintained an active registration prior to award of an LBNL purchase order and/or subcontract will have 30 days to do so.  Once begun, the registration takes 48 to 72 hours (or longer during periods of heavy volume) to process and will be valid for one year.  It is important to note that registration is free – all prospective suppliers are urged to register. If it appears that a fee will be charged, the wrong website has been accessed, there are many commercial sites that mimic the official government website.

For those already registered – in FY 2022 the system migrated away from using unique identifiers issued by the commercial firm Dun & Bradstreet (DUNS numbering) and is now using a Unique Entity ID (UEI), which is maintained by a third party system. The process for registering for a UEI is consistent with the original registration process. In cases where an existing registrant may have been dropped during the transition, additional documentation may be necessary to prove the prior registration. Please expect delays. 

For additional information and further assistance with the registration process please access the website Help page.