System for Award Management (SAM) Streamlined Process for Registrants

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Laboratory Suppliers are required to be registered in the GSA System for Award Management (SAM) database for the duration of their valid purchase order and/or contract.  Earlier this year, GSA began requiring entities that register with SAM to provide a notarized letter before a new registration or a renewal could be processed. GSA has recently announced changes to streamline this process. While recipients are still required to provide a notarized letter, GSA will allow SAM registrations or renewals to be finalized before they have received and processed the letters. This change will reduce the possibility that awards are delayed because of a lengthened SAM registration process. GSA’s streamlined process began on June 29th for all entities registering in SAM.

Suppliers who are not registered or have not maintained an active registration prior to award of a Laboratory valid purchase order and/or contract will have 30 days to do so.  Once completed, the registration takes 48 to 72 hours to process and will be valid for one year.  SAM Registration is free – all prospective suppliers are urged to register.  A DUNS number is required to complete the registration. Follow these instructions to register.  If further assistance is required, visit the contact the Federal Service Desk at, or by telephone at 866.606.8220.