Potential Contracting Opportunities

Below is a list of potential contracting opportunities currently available with the Berkeley Lab’s Procurement Department. This list is for information purposes only, may not represent all opportunities at the Laboratory and is subject to change.  Interested parties should check with the procurement specialist to verify all data. The Laboratory does not guarantee these opportunities will result in an award.

The Small Business Program office is dedicated to helping Small Businesses explore these opportunities to contract with Lab. You are encouraged to contact the Small Business Liaison Officer Phillip McCants at 510.486.4595, or SBO@lbl.gov, with questions.

Note: The Laboratory is on a fiscal year that runs from October to September.

LineDescription of the AcquisitionAcqusition TypeAcqusition VehicleEstimated ValueEstimated Fiscal Year & Quarter of RFP Release 
1Small Business Partner for eBuy/eCommerce Industrial and Scientific Catalogs.ServicesMaster Agreement>$10 millionFY2023 Quarter 1
2Silicon 111 double crystal monochromator and cryocoolerGoodsSubcontract$500k-$1 millionFY2022 Quarter 4
3Tree Trimming ServicesServicesMaster Agreement$1 to 2 million FY2022 Quarter 4
4Inspector of Record ServicesServicesMaster Agreement$2 to 5 million FY2023 Quarter 1
5LCLS-II HE-SXR UndulatorsTechnologySubcontract$3 to 5 millionTBD
6Storage Equipment (related to NERSC)TechnologySubcontract$500k-$1 millionTBD
7Electrical Upgrades - Building 70A Construction/DesignSubcontract$1 to 5 million FY2022 Quarter 3
8Linear Assets Modernization Project (LAMP)Construction/DesignSubcontract>$100 millionFY2023 Quarter 1
9Removal and Install of Ring for new upgraded ALSUConstruction/DesignSubcontract>$10 millionFY2023 Quarter 1
10Multi Discipline Design Construction/DesignMaster Agreement(s)$3 to 5 million each; multiple awardsFY2022 Quarter 3
11Booster to Accumulator (BTA) Ring Magnets GoodsSubcontract$500k-$1 millionFY2023 Quarter 1
12COVID-19 Testing ServicesServicesSubcontract$1 to 2 million FY2023 Quarter 1
13Mechanical ServicesServicesMaster Agreement(s)$1 to 3 million FY2023 Quarter 1
14NERSC-10 Facility Upgrade (NFU2) Construction/DesignSubcontract>$10 millionFY2023 Quarter 3

latest revision 8/3/2022