Small Business Program

About the Program

The  award-winning Berkeley Lab Small Business Program provides opportunities for small business suppliers to obtain Laboratory contracts for goods and services. Our program objectives include strengthening existing programs and processes while seeking new ways to successfully help our small and disadvantaged suppliers provide even more value for their customers, including the Berkeley Lab.

If you are a looking for a small business for your future procurement opportunities, download our Berkeley Lab Supplier Directory.

If you are a small business and interested in doing business with the Laboratory, please visit our How to Become a Small Business Supplier page.

Small Business Fridays

The Laboratory has set aside a day of the week dedicated for the engagement with small businesses. Current and prospective small businesses have an opportunity to meet with the Laboratory’s Small Business Liaison Officer on Fridays to discuss business opportunities, introduce or showcase their capabilities, and engage in general networking. For more information, or to set up a Friday session, please contact Phillip McCants at or 510-486-4595.