New Technical Representative Training Requirements

Technical representatives are a key partner in the oversight and monitoring of subcontract performance. As such, an understanding of the expectations, roles, and responsibilities associated with this designation is crucial.

What is changing?

Effective February 1, 2018, technical representatives named in a new or modified subcontract or agreement will be required to have completed Technical Representative e-learning course CFO0330, if not already taken within the last two years. The training provides an overview of the specific tasks and responsibilities associated with the technical representative’s role.

How will this be implemented?

The training is to be taken by the technical representative by the time the procurement specialist is ready to issue the award or modification to the supplier. If they do not, the procurement specialist will ask the division to provide the name of a trained individual who can assume this responsibility.

Resources for you on the Procurement & Property website

The Become a Technical Representative web page provides the following information:

  • What types of subcontracts and agreements require a technical representative
  • Where to go to take the Technical Representative e-learning course (CFO0330)
  • How to look up who has taken the training and when taken

The ePro Roles web page provides an overview of the various individual roles that contribute to the procurement process. These roles include the requester, technical representative, requisition preparer, requisition approver, procurement specialist, and the invoice certifier.


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