Become a Technical Representative

A technical representative is the individual who provides technical direction on a contract and monitors contractor performance. A Technical representative must be assigned by the division and designated in the contract prior to award for the following types of contracts and agreements:

  • Design and Construction
  • Fabrication
  • Research and Development
  • Any Other Contracts and Agreements
    • With quality assurance requirements (e.g., inspection, acceptance testing, acceptance, and/or training)
    • For complex equipment configuration  (e.g. telecommunications, scientific equipment with multiple parts, IT data or storage systems)
    • With project milestones
    • That require technical direction and/or performance monitoring related to the scope of work stated in the contract/agreement

If you need to become a technical representative, please complete technical representative training. The course takes 30 – 45  minutes to complete.

For questions, email or contact the procurement specialist assigned to your contract.