Email Updates Regarding Procurement Status

Starting on October 28, new automated emails will be sent to requesters, requisition preparers (or PO Mod Request submitters), with a copy to Procurement buyers, to inform them of the progress of their pending procurements.

We are making this change because we’ve heard from our customers that they would like greater visibility and consistency in the way Procurement buyers provide status updates.

Here is what you will receive:

  • The buyer assigned to your requisition: The day after the requisition is assigned to a buyer, you will receive an email with the name of the buyer, any status update entered by the buyer, and other pertinent information about the requisition.
  • Changes in the status of the requisition: The day after any change to the status of the requisition has been entered by the buyer, you will receive an email showing the category/type of the status (such as “New Supplier Setup” or “Waiting on Information from Supplier” or “Negotiating Terms and Conditions”), status details from the buyer, and other pertinent information about the requisition. You will not receive an email if the status has not changed.
  • Any updates regarding the PO after it has been issued to the supplier: If there are any important updates regarding the purchase after it has been issued to the supplier, such as modification request statuses, you will receive an email with this status update.
  • For PCard Orders ONLY: The day after a PCard order is issued, you will receive an email with any pertinent information about the PCard order. There are no further status updates for these orders due to short cycle time.

Note: This new status update process does not apply to orders processed by division PCard buyers or eBuy.

These automated emails are not intended to replace direct communication between you and your buyer. Please continue to engage with your buyer if you have additional questions or need clarifications regarding your purchase request.

If you have any questions or issues related to the new notifications, please contact the Procurement Help Desk at [email protected]


You can always check on the status of an order — the method depends on how the order was placed.

eBuy Orders: The eBuy supplier can best provide you with the status of your order. The eBuy Supplier Information website provides a Supplier List with contact information to obtain assistance.

PCard Order Placed by a Division Cardholder: The cardholder who placed the order can provide you with the status of your order.

Order Placed by Procurement: In addition to the email status updates described above, if you have the requisition number, you can check the requisition/order status via the eProcurement Manage Requisitions screen in FMS (see the ePro 9.2 User Guide listed under the ePro Tools heading for detailed instructions). From this screen, you can look up the following information:

  • Where the requisition is in the approval cycle
  • If the requisition has been assigned to a buyer and who the buyer is
  • If a purchase order has been created from the requisition
  • The due date stated in the purchase order/subcontract (when the procurement is expected to be delivered/started)