ePro is for purchasing items not available on eBuy or by using a PCard, such as:

  • Items that require a Purchase Order
  • All transactions over $25,000
  • Purchases that require special approval
  • Orders over PCard and eBuy purchase limits

ePro lets you create an electronic purchase request and then automatically manages the online workflow approval process in order to streamline your purchase. Once you (the Requestor) enter a requisition, an approved Requisition Approver reviews it, checks for funds availability, and then routes the requisition back to us in Procurement so that we can create a Purchase Order.

To submit an order, this ePro Requisition Worksheet Form can be used to provide information to your Division Requisition Preparer. However, some divisions have their own unique forms as well. Please contact your Division Office or Requisition Preparer to inquire. Please include applicable forms found on the Acquisition Preparation Matrix.

Monitoring Purchases – A query is available in BAR called Purchases with Line Detail that can be run by anyone to look up acquisitions  using the following data fields: requestor, buyer, certifier, or vendor. It can also be run to identify purchases by project and project activity or vendor, and other parameters.

You can use this query to monitor the purchases made by your staff or in your area to ensure appropriateness and allowability.

Become a Requisition Preparer

To obtain authorized access as a Requisition Preparer, complete our online training course: ePro Requisition Preparer: Key Concepts (FMS1406).

Tutorials: Visit the ePro Tutorials page here.

Technical Representatives

Anyone designated as a Technical Representative (Tech Rep) will be required to take the online training course. See our Technical Representative page for more information.

Have Questions?

We are committed to providing professional and timely service to our customers.  If you are new to ePro, need assistance in making a purchase, or are looking for training on the eProcurement system, we can help!  See information on Master AgreementsSole Sourcing and Competitive SourcingPurchasing Limit Requirements and Training and Resources.

Still can’t find what you are looking for?  Contact us:

For questions regarding ePro, contact the Procurement Help Desk.

To best serve all the various Lab departments and divisions, Procurement has five teams to help you with ePro purchases. Get to know our Procurement teams here.