Sustainable Acquisition Guide

You can do your part to help further Berkeley Lab’s Sustainable Acquisition mission by taking the following steps to ensure that you “buy green” whenever possible.

leaf_1How to Buy Green Office Supplies

When purchasing office supplies or cleaning supplies through eBuy, look for goods that are environmentally friendly and sustainable. Through the Staples by Guy Brown catalog, access the The Eco Products Shop to find a wide selection of eco-preference products. Or, shop green from anywhere in the catalog by adding “eco” to an item search or use the environmental filters.

leaf_3How to Buy Green Lab Supplies

eBuy is your one-stop shop for all lab and scientific equipment supplies. Through eBuy, you can order items directly from a supplier’s catalog. Green lab products and available among suppliers catalogs, such as MilliporeSigma, and WVR.

leaf_1How to Buy Green Computer Products

eBuy is also your one-stop shop for all computer products. Anacapa and Wildflower currently handle our electronic products. Their commitment to protect the environment and support sustainable products is commendable. If you order a non-EPEAT item, the sales representative will suggest EPEAT alternatives and make sure that the alternative product will meet your requirement.

leaf_3How to Buy Energy-using Products

Federal agencies, including Department of Energy National Laboratories, are required to purchase energy-efficient products, which save money, energy, and greenhouse gas emissions over the life of the equipment. To help buyers purchase efficient models, the Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) maintains acquisition guidance for the 60 product categories covered by various efficiency programs. Covered product categories fall under six broad product types: Heating and Cooling, IT & Electronics, Lighting, Commercial Food Service Equipment, Appliances, and Other.

When ordering energy-using products (such as refrigerators, boilers, chillers or HVAC equipment), please consider the following sources for information: