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May 2022 Update – University of California Berkeley Invoices

Invoicing requirements for Intra-University Transactions (IUTs) changed effective April 1, 2022 as a result of a recent Office of the Inspector General (OIG) audit of Subcontract Administration at LBNL. A communication went out to Invoice Certifiers on April 6, 2022 (linked below in Recent Communications section) communicating out the new requirements.

Since the April communication, we have learned from UCB that they will need additional time to implement a system that will allow UCB to submit the required support with each invoice. The Lab, however, still needs to comply with the new requirements.

For Invoices with March Charges

Please note that UC Berkeley (UCB) is working on a streamlined implementation, but invoices with March costs (i.e. March invoices) that were sent to the Lab in early May, they were only able to provide invoice support in a bulk searchable pdf format, i.e. support for all UCB invoices were included in one file, instead of each invoice with its own support. That searchable pdf can be found here

  • Please search this file for the relevant PO number to confirm support for your invoice
  • Then upload this entire file (you do not need to pull out relevant pages) with your invoice when you certify, if it is not already attached to your invoice

For Invoices with April Charges

For the April invoices (being sent by UCB now) UCB will be manually attaching relevant backup to each invoice. If any of these invoices for April charges are missing proper backup, you can place your invoice in “researching status” and contact UCB and request the subject support you need to certify. 

Other Resources

Please note that there are a wealth of other invoice certification resources available on the Accounts payable website here

You can find the following at this site:

  • Invoice certification policy (RPM)
  • Invoice certification training course
  • Access to Intellego
  • Desk Guides, and other guidance documents

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