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raisehand-166671623The OCFO offers a full curriculum of FMS v 9.2 courses. The following Procurement-related eLearning courses are available.

Role Course Number Title
Division Purchase Cardholder FMS1410 Purchasing Using PCard
Division Cardholder’s Approver FMS1415 Approving PCard Transactions
Requisition Preparer FMS1406 Purchasing Using ePro Requisitions
Requisition Approver FMS1407 ePro Requisition and eBuy Approver Training
eBuy User eBuy Tutorials
Procurement Webinars Where’s My Stuff?
Requisition Tips and Tricks
Procurement Channels

Click the heading below related to your role for more information regarding each of these courses.

For Division PCard Cardholders and Approvers

FMS v.9.2 Training:

Cardholders and their Approvers are required to complete eLearning training prior to being granted access to ePro v9.2 to create PCard orders and reconcile/verify/approve bank statement transactions. You will see completion for this training reflected in your JHA Training Profile. 

The Division Purchase Cardholder (PCard) Program allows authorized employees to make business-related purchases for low-value, standard off-the-shelf items and services not available from the eBuy online catalog which do not require a Purchase Order or special approval. Click here to view the PCard site. If you have any technical issues, questions, or feedback, please contact

For Requisition Preparers

FMS v.9.2 Training:

This training is a self-paced online course that provides instruction on the business and technical aspects of creating requisitions in ePro v.9.2. All Requisition Preparers must take this eLearning course prior to creating a requisition in ePro v.9.2. System access will not be granted until you receive course credit. You will see completion for this training reflected in your JHA Training Profile. If you have any technical issues, questions, or feedback, please contact

ePro v9.2 User Guide:

ePro v9.2 User Guide has been updated. You can access it here or from the Procurement & Property website under ePro Tools.

For Requisition Approvers

FMS v.9.2 Training:

It is recommended that Requisition Approvers take this eLearning course prior to approving a requisition in eProcurement v.9.2. If you have any technical issues, questions, or feedback, please contact


Closeout of Purchase Orders eliminates the Laboratory’s liability, so it’s imperative that closeout be completed as soon as possible after a contract or Purchase Order is physically complete, unless some unique or peculiar circumstances preclude the closing. Procurement’s PO Closeout page provides useful information to assist you.

Technical Representative training is an online, self-paced course that provides information regarding the responsibilities of technical representatives and invoice certifiers including:

  • Responsibilities as a technical representative of the Laboratory
  • How to avoid unauthorized commitments
  • Role in accepting contact deliverables
  • The need to review and approve documents and invoices
  • How to provide appropriate technical direction within the scope of the subcontract
  • How to close a contract or Purchase Order and deobligate funds.
Link to Online Training Course Duration
Technical Representative Training This training takes approximately 20 minutes to complete.
Core Financial training is designed for Resource and Financial Analysts as well as personnel who handle financial matters at Berkeley Laboratory. The course is comprised of various topics which are essential to the best financial practices at the Laboratory. To complete the course you must complete 1.5 days of classroom training and the following online training modules.
Enrollment Instructions:

OCFO Core Financial Training

  • Log in to Employee Self Service.
  • Select Training Enrollment on the left side of the screen.
  • Select the checkbox for All Courses.
  • Select CFO0701 Core Fin Mgmt. Classroom.
  • Select Continue.
  • Follow any additional instructions.
Links to Online Training Training Content/Estimated Duration
Accounts Payable Overview (CFO0725)

This course describes what Accounts Payable does, what their processes are and how you can help the process move smoothly. It also covers the difference between a purchase order payment and a non-purchase order payment. This course takes approximately 9 minutes to complete.

Allowable Costs (CFO0725) This course covers what costs are and are not allowable to help you determine what you may or may not purchase for Berkeley Laboratory.You will learn about cost allowability by answering questions presented from different scenarios. This course takes approximately 20 minutes to complete.
Audit Preparation and Response (CFO0750) This course covers the role of the Laboratory’s Internal Audit Services Department, what to expect and how to respond to an audit, and how to handle external audits and reviews. This course takes approximately 17 minutes to complete.
Business Information Systems (CFO0740) This course covers the OCFO Information Technology strategy, including the systems environment, system management, major systems development projects, how to access financial information and where you can find training and user support. This course takes approximately 9 minutes to complete.
The Color of Money:  Operating vs. Capital (CFO0715) This course covers the importance of the “color of money,” when to use capital funds versus operating funds for equipment and for construction projects, and where to get additional information. This course takes approximately 9 minutes to complete.
Construction Work in Progress (CFO0720) This course defines Construction Work in Progress (CWIP), shows you the CWIP process, and explains how to open and close PACE forms. Accounting considerations are also covered. This course takes approximately 7 minutes to complete.
Contract 31 Overview (CFO0710) This course covers how Contract 31 is the basis for work done at Berkeley Laboratory, how the Laboratory is graded and the benefits of a high grade, how to find the Contract on the Laboratory’s website, and the key sections and appendices of the Contract related to financial practices. This course takes approximately 12 minutes to complete.
OCFO Website and Other Useful Tools (CFO0755) This course presents the OCFO website environment. You will learn how to navigate the website and how find and use various web tools to help make your job easier. This course takes approximately 10 minutes to complete.
Funds Control (CFO0012) This course covers why funds control is important at the Laboratory, what costs are allowable, how to avoid unauthorized commitments, and funds control best practices. This course takes approximately 18 minutes to complete
Major Financial Roles and Responsibilities (CFO0760) This course provides Laboratory personnel who have financial management roles and responsibilities with a better and deeper understanding of them. The course:

  • Defines the major financial roles and responsibilities for various members and groups in the Laboratory
  • Explains the key principles associated with the Laboratory’s financial roles and responsibilities
  • Describes specific responsibilities associated with department management teams, Principal Investigators, Program Managers and OCFO Field Operations Resource Analysts

This course takes approximately 7 minutes to complete.

Overview of Accounting Principles (CFO0725) This course covers the basic accounting process, rules and structure that govern accounting at Berkeley Laboratory, and how Laboratory financial data crosswalks to MARS/STARS. This course takes approximately 11 minutes to complete.
Personal Property Management (CFO0730) This course covers the definition, requirements and controls used for personal property management at Berkeley Laboratory. It also covers how items received are identified and tagged, the lifecycle of an asset, how holdings are validated and how you can help ensure personal property accountability at the Laboratory. This course takes approximately 12 minutes to complete.
Receiving (CFO0735) This course covers the definition of Formal Receiving, how the iBox system works and the Laboratory’s property receiving process. This course takes approximately 6 minutes to complete.
Travel Office (CFO0745) This course covers the key roles and responsibilities of everyone involved in travel at the Laboratory, as well as the key terminology used. It also teaches you the travel process steps and how to follow travel procedures in order to comply with Laboratory, DOE and U.S. State Department requirements. This course takes approximately 7 minutes to complete.

The OCFO provides numerous training resources that you can use to improve your career and skills.  A course catalog and other useful information are available from the OCFO Training website.