PCard Manage My Orders

Shipping Information

When having items you ordered with PCard sent to the Laboratory, the shipping address must be:

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
One Cyclotron Road (PCard #)
Building 69 Central Receiving
Berkeley, CA  94720

Billing Address

Contact Procurementhelp@lbl.gov to obtain the billing address.

Resale Certificate

The Laboratory is not required to pay sales and use tax on tangible personal property when the title passes directly to the Laboratory. When ordering an item, you must supply the Resale Certificate #SR CH 21-835970 . For more information on the sales tax on PCard orders, see the Division Cardholders Policy and Guidelines.

Note the following particulars when ordering from commonly used suppliers using PCard:

  • Sears: Send an email to taxexempt@customerservice.sears.com along with the resale certificate and your order number.

  • Home Depot: Call 877.434.6435 and press Option 4, Option 6 to register for a tax exempt account.

  • BestBuy: Fax a copy of the filled-out resale certificate to 866.964.1842 along with your email address, a copy of your PCard, and a cover sheet that says: “Attention: Tax Exempt.” When faxing your PCard, block out the 16-digit number along with your BestBuy order number/confirmation. Optionally, you can visit a BestBuy store in person and bring a filled-out resale certificate to the customer service counter.

  • Lenovo: You must call in your order to 866.42.THINK. Do not place orders online, as Lenovo is unable to refund the tax this way.

  • Amazon.com: Email PCard Coordinator Krystal Peterkin for help setting up a non-taxable account with Amazon.

Check on an Order

Once you have placed an order through PCard, email notifications on the order status may be provided by the supplier. If you need to discuss your order, please contact the supplier representative directly.

Change an Order

Once your order is placed, most suppliers will not allow an update to the shipping method or quantities. You can inquire about changing the order by contacting the supplier representative directly.

Cancel an Order

If your order hasn’t yet shipped, contact the PCard Coordinator. Once the order has shipped, you’ll need to initiate a return once the item arrives. Note that most items enter the supplier’s shipping process shortly after being ordered.

Return an Item

When placing an order, be aware of the supplier’s return policy, as most returns must be initiated within 30 days, be stocked items (non-customized products) and remain in their original packaging. See our Returns page for details on how to file a return with a specific supplier.

Check on a Missing Item

Suppliers sometimes split orders into multiple shipments if the items are being shipped from different fulfillment centers. If you are missing an item from your package, first check the packing slip to verify that all the items in your order were shipped together. To obtain assistance with missing items, please contact the supplier representative directly.

Get Help with a Late Item

If a supplier is tardy delivering an item that you ordered through PCard, please contact ProcurementHelp@lbl.gov and we will assist you in getting your items delivered as quickly as possible.

Return a Damaged Item

If one or more of the items you ordered arrives damaged or does not work properly, please initiate a return.