PCard Returns Center

The first step to initiating a return on items purchased through PCard is to make sure the supplier will accept the return. You should always first contact the supplier, then follow the steps below to make the return.

  • eBuy Return Step #1
  • eBuy Return Step #3
  • eBuy Return Step #3
  • eBuy Return Step #4

Step 1

Contact the supplier to obtain a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number and any specific item return instructions applicable to that supplier. Write the RMA number clearly and legibly on the package being returned.

Step 2

Log in to Netship. Fill out the online shipping form.  Click on Mailroom to print it. Attach the shipping form securely to the package being returned. If an item has a DOE property tag, make sure the DOE number is entered in Netship under the Optional Information tab. This will ensure approval routing to Property Management. DOE property shipments require approval from Property Management.

Step 3

Inform the Division Cardholder of your return and provide them with the RMA information and copy of the shipment form.  If you are unsure of the Division Cardholder, please contact ProcurementHelp@lbl.gov for assistance.

Step 4

Deliver your item to Shipping in Building 69 one of the following ways:

  • Hand-deliver your item.
  • If the item is 10”x14” or smaller, it can be sent by interoffice mail.
  • If the item is heavy or you require assistance, use the Facilities Work Request Center to submit a request for pickup.
  • If the item is hazardous, you must contact Shipping at x4388 to authorize and schedule a pickup.

Remember to:

  • Note the RMA number and the traveler/tracking number on your PCard Order.
  • Match credit transaction to original PCard order in FMS. Refer to Reconciling (or “Matching”) Transactions.