Effective immediately, only orders for items that support the safe and stable standby state, should be placed in eBuy. Click here to view the purchasing guidance that applies to eBuy.

eBuy is the Laboratory’s online ordering solution for common office, lab and computer supplies. Search or browse our catalogs, find items available through Laboratory and UC contracts, find the discounted pricing offered by our preferred providers and place your order electronically for efficient delivery. Note that Firefox is the recommended browser for using eBuy.

Why Use eBuy?

It’s fast. Place your order and receive products within a few days.
It’s easy. Access supplier catalogs online 24/7.
It’s wise. All eBuy suppliers are contracted with the Laboratory.
It’s simplified. Get rid of complicated paperwork.
It’s good for the environment. eBuy offers thousands of “green” items chosen because of their low environmental impact.
It’s good for the community. eBuy supports diversity, small businesses and local suppliers.

Tutorials for eBuy Users

Videos and guides are available to help you learn to use eBuy to make purchases for Laboratory business purposes. See our Tutorials page.

Need Help?

We are committed to providing professional and timely service to our customers. If you are new to eBuy, need assistance in making a purchase, or are experiencing issues with our ecommerce system, we can help!