New – GSS Gas Cylinder Online Pickup Form

Supplier logo — GSSYou can now schedule a pickup of your Airgas or Praxair gas cylinders directly from eBuy.

Request a pickup by going to the GSS Catalog and clicking on the Empty Gas Cylinder Pickup Request Form for Airgas and Praxair link. Step-by-step instructions are provided below. You will receive an email confirmation of your pickup request immediately after completing the form.

The new change makes requesting your gas cylinder pickups easier and faster. Other benefits include:

  • Increases safety by providing more space in and around buildings
  • Cylinder recycling and reuse is good for the environment
  • Provides the Laboratory with a record of the return of empty cylinders

This the latest step in our mission to enhance eBuy for our customers.

Where to Find the Cylinder Pickup Request Form

  1. From the eBuy main page, click on the All Suppliers tab.
  2. Suppliers are listed alphabetically in the Select a Supplier section. Scroll down to Government Scientific Source and click on the Go to site link.
  3. The GSS eBuy catalog will open. Click on the Empty Gas Cylinder Pickup Request Form for Airgas and Praxair link.
  4. Follow the instructions listed on the page to complete the form, then click the Submit button.
  5. To view previously submitted form pickup requests, click on the View Requests link.

After you have completed the form, affix a label or printout of the cylinder pick-up confirmation onto the cylinder/dewar (for easy and visible pick-up without covering the supplier labels).

Next, place the cylinder/dewar within the designated area of the building cage for empty cylinders. If you have questions about your building cage setup, please contact your Building Manager listed here.​