eBuy Manage My Orders

Overnight Ship an Item

The shipping method you select at checkout pertains to all of the items in that order. If you require overnight shipping on a select item, place a separate order and choose the overnight shipping method for that order. You can contact the supplier for an estimate of overnight shipping costs. Once you have placed your order, you may change the shipment method by contacting the supplier directly.

View an Order

You can view orders placed through eBuy by accessing Manage Requisitions in the Laboratory’s Financial Management System. View our useful instructions on how to view your order status, find out where your order is in the approval cycle, or check to see if an order invoice has been received.

Check on an Order

Once you place an order through eBuy, there are several ways to check on the delivery status.

  • Order notifications are provided via email by each individual supplier (excluding Exclusive Networks USA). View your order email notification for the estimated delivery date
  • Check Receiving’s package tracking website TrackIt to confirm if your package has arrived. Note that Staples by Guy Brown, Airgas by GSS and Praxair by GSS deliveries may not be shown. If you can’t find your delivery, contact the supplier representative directly.
  • View the supplier’s catalog to locate the estimated delivery date. Available for GSS and GSS suppliers on the GSS Scientific Catalog & Staples by POS on the Staples’ My Account catalog link.
  • Contact the supplier representative directly for an estimated delivery date.

Cancel an Order

Most orders placed through eBuy enter the shipping process quickly so we can get your items to you as soon as possible. If you need to cancel an order, please contact the supplier representative to determine if your order has shipped.  If your order has already shipped, you’ll need to initiate a return once the item arrives. If your order hasn’t shipped, you can ask the supplier representative to cancel your order.

Change an Order

Before the order has shipped, you may reduce quantities of items ordered by contacting the Procurement Help Desk. Orders that have entered the shipping process cannot be modified, but if necessary, you can initiate a return once the item arrives.

Return an Item

Returns of stocked items (non-customized products) in their original packaging must be initiated within 30 days of receipt. See our Returns page for details on how to file a return.

Check on Missing Items

Suppliers sometimes split orders into multiple shipments if the items are being shipped from different fulfillment centers. If you are missing an item from your package, check the packing slip to verify that all the items in your order were shipped together. To obtain assistance with missing items, please contact the Procurement Help Desk.

Return Damaged Items

If one or more of the items you ordered arrives damaged or does not work properly, please initiate a return.

Non-Catalog Orders

If you can’t find an item in eBuy but know that a supplier provides it, please see our handy Non-Catalog Order Supplier Guide for each supplier’s instructions on non-catalog orders. You can find additional instructions on placing a non-catalog order for GSS suppliers within the GSS Catalog under the Orders menu.

Order Business Cards

Laboratory business cards are available via the Staples by Guy Brown catalog. If you need to order business cards, please see our handy Order Business Card Guide for instructions on how to place a business card order.

Get Help with a Late Item

If a supplier is tardy delivering an item that you ordered through eBuy, please contact the Procurement Help Desk and we will assist you in getting your items delivered as quickly as possible.