How to Disable the Autofill Function When Applying the Project and Activity Values

When completing your purchase in eBuy, the system will use the “type ahead” function to autocomplete your text.  If you would like to turn this off, please note our handy instructions below.

The autocomplete function in the Financial Management System (FMS) can be enabled/disabled for lookup fields. When enabled, the system will suggest appropriate values as you type.

The system default is to autocomplete. To disable this function, click the Main Menu link at the top of the FMS screen.

screen shot 1

In the window that opens, click the My Personalizations link.

screen shot 2

In the next window that opens, click the Personalize Navigation Personalizations link.

screen shot 3

A list of Personalization options will display. To disable the autocomplete function, select No from the Override Value drop-down menu, then click OK. The next time you log in to FMS, autocomplete will be turned off.

screen shot 4