Change to how Requesters are Entered into FMS

Recent assessments have highlighted areas of improvement in our FMS data entry process. As such, we have made the following updates/revisions to how a Requester is  entered into FMS.

If you have any questions, please contact the Procurement Help Desk.

Who is the Requester (reminder)

According to the LBNL Requirements and Policies Manual (RPM) Glossary of Terms, a Requester is, “an individual in a Berkeley Lab division who requests a good and/or service for purchase”.

As a Requisition Preparer, you are the person who enters the requisition into the Financial Management System and who works with the requester to identify the certifier.

Change to how Requesters are Entered into FMS

Beginning June 3rd, you can anticipate the following changes to how you, the requisition preparer, enter requester information into FMS. This change affects both ePro and eBuy:

  • Instead of automatically defaulting the Requester name field with the requisition preparer’s name and location on the requisition, you will be prompted to enter a Requester name as soon as you click on the Requisition link for ePro or the Go to eBUY button.

  • This change is to encourage the proper usage of the Requester field to ensure we have documented in the system the actual recipient of the good or service.

  • Once you select the Requester by entering their LDAP ID or clicking on the magnifying glass lookup, you will be given another opportunity to update the Requester field on the requisition page.

Please visit this page for information on the Role of the Requester to see the details of the Requester’s responsibilities and to ensure that you are selecting the appropriate person.