Procurement Teams

Procurement’s four professional teams provide expert advice on all of your purchasing needs and help guide you in the right direction to make purchases that will best contribute to the Laboratory’s mission. We can often recommend the best suppliers and the fastest route to purchase. Choose a team below for more information and contact information.

Construction Team

All design and construction requests must start with a Work Request.

Procurement’s Construction Team supports all Laboratory design and construction projects. Our experienced team can provide expert advice on purchasing needs from the initial work request through final construction. Other areas of service include recommending small business suppliers and developing Small Business plans with the Primes. We also provide leadership and management of complex competitive sourcing events, and will be available throughout the project, supporting supplier performance to the terms of the contract.

What We Cover

The Construction Procurement Team assists with purchasing all goods and services related to construction, including:

  • Building design
  • Building construction
  • Laboratory infrastructure
  • Real property leases

Essential Information and Forms

For more information about the Lab’s processes for procuring design, construction, architecture and engineering services, see the below links:

Services Team

Procurement’s Services Team supports most types of services that support the Lab. Our experienced team can help you through the competitive bidding process, identify small businesses in the below service areas, and provide expertise throughout the purchasing process.

What We Cover

The Services Team covers:

  • Laboratory services: fire, cafeteria, mail and security
  • Copiers
  • Utilities
  • Relocation and moving services
  • Gases (those not available on eBuy)
  • Contract labor
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Blanket subcontracts for services at a fixed price or fixed rate with no definite delivery or quantity
  • Protective Services (fire, police, security)
  • Environmental Support Services​

Note that the Services Team does not cover software or hardware maintenance (covered by the IT Team) or Consulting (R&D).

Essential Information and Forms

For more information about the Lab’s processes for procuring the above services see the below links:

Research & Development Team

Procurement’s R&D Team assists Lab customers who require expert consulting services. Our team also supports custom design projects, build-to-print projects and fabricated items. Our expert team can provide leadership in a competitive sourcing event or, if needed, guidance in developing sourcing specifications.

What We Cover

The R&D Team covers:

  • Contracts with the National Institute of Health
  • IUTs (Intra-University Transaction Agreements)
  • Consulting services
  • Basic/applied research

Essential Information and Forms

For more information about the Lab’s processes for procuring items from the R&D Team, see the below links:

Technology/Goods Team


Procurement’s Goods Team supports the purchase of items that are used directly in the Lab’s scientific endeavors, including custom-fabricated items and various types of equipment. The Goods Team can assist with the competitive sourcing process and, if necessary, give guidance on small business suppliers. This team also offers expert assistance on the ordering, approval and management of restricted items.

What We Cover

The Goods Team covers:

  • Fabricated items
  • Test and measurement equipment
  • Laboratory equipment
  • Building equipment
  • Equipment leases
  • Controlled Substances

Note that the Goods Team does not cover computer equipment (covered by IT) or construction equipment (covered by the Construction Team).

Essential Information and Forms

For more information about the Lab’s processes for procuring items from the Goods Team, see the below links:


The Technology Procurement team is responsible for the sourcing and procuring of computing, information and communications requirements. These requirements include IT hardware from laptops to super computers, software (not covered by the Software Licensing and downloads page), telecommunications equipment and services, networking equipment and services, and professional services related to IT requirements, including software development, support and maintenance. The Technology Procurement team not only supports Computing Sciences and Information Technology, but also the IT requirements for all departments across the Laboratory.

What We Cover

The IT Team covers:

  • IT hardware (desktops, laptops)
  • Servers
  • Networking equipment
  • Software and hardware maintenance
  • IT services
  • Telecommunications