Garnier Group & Associates

Garnier Group & Associates is a veteran-owned small business partner to Toshiba, the Laboratory’s service provider for multifunction copier/printer/scanner machine.

Key Operator

A Key Operator is assigned to each copier to oversee the maintenance, service and ordering of supplies. This person is usually the administrative assistant in your department. To arrange for a service call, contact the Key Operator in your area.

If the Key Operator is unavailable to place a service call within a reasonable time frame, you may contact Toshiba directly. Be prepared to provide the copier location and ID number, conveniently located on a sticker attached to the front of the unit.

Important:  If there is a change in the Key Operator, please email the Help Desk ( and the Berkeley Lab Procurement Representative Steven Fisher at with the following information:

  • Copier ID number
  • Former Key Operator
  • New Key Operator, email, phone and fax number
  • If a charge account number will be changing, please put this information in your correspondence

Ordering Process

All supplies (toner, staples and parts), excluding paper, are included in the cost per copy charge. Standard shipping for supplies is free of charge.

To place service calls, provide meter readings and order supplies, a Key Operator may:

  • Order online through Toshiba’s website
  • Call 888.417.2002

For copier questions, print management and document image management, Laboratory customers may contact the Toshiba representative Van Real at, or 925-787-6671. When corresponding via email, in the subject line note the copier Serial number and Key Operator.

Trouble Calls

A Key Operator should contact Toshiba directly at the above noted toll free number for all hardware and software service requests. Toshiba will determine if the problem is Toshiba specific and route the call to Toshiba’s Help Desk for resolution. If it is determined that the issue is Laboratory specific, Toshiba will refer the Key Operator to the Laboratory IT Help Desk.

Meter Readings

Meter readings are performed on a quarterly basis. If your copier is networked, the meters are read automatically. If your copier is not on the Laboratory’s main server or not networked, the Key Operator will be required to provide this information to Toshiba.


Default duplex (two-sided copies) supports the Laboratory’s sustainable acquisitioning efforts. In order to receive maximum performance, store all paper at room temperature. Paper stored in a heated area may curl, while paper stored in a cold area may cause the paper to stick due to moisture absorption. If your copier has a tendency to generate a lot of heat, lightweight paper may have curling problems that cause the copier to jam frequently. Consider acquisitioning a heavier recycled paper through our office products supplier Staples.

Order, Move or Relocate a Copier

The addition of new networked copiers must align with the overall Laboratory’s copier strategy.  If you are considering a new networked copier, please email the Toshiba account rep ( and the Berkeley Lab Procurement Representative Steven Fisher at with your request.

For warranty and liability purposes Laboratory personnel are not allowed to move a copier. Toshiba must move or relocate a copier.

To have a copier moved or relocated please note the following:

  • Key Operator to complete the movement form and email the Toshiba representative Van Real at  (925) 787-6671.
  • Toshiba will forward a copy of the movement form to the Laboratory’s IT department.
  • Copiers cannot be moved or installed the last week of the month.
  • Allow a one week time frame for the move or relocation request.
  • For requests to relocate networked copies, please insure that the network drop and the phone line has been installed for the new location.
  • Please understand that LBNL cannot turn in a copier as we lease them over the term of the contract.


Updated 1/12/23