Property Management Services

Overall Responsibilities

The Property Management team interprets federal and DOE property management policies and orders in order to establish and maintain an approved Berkeley Lab property management system. Property Management team members are subject matter experts who have the knowledge, skill and ability to perform global property asset transactions and processes to ensure the integrity of the approved system. The Property Management team:

Sunflower Database

Property Management owns and manages the Sunflower database, our asset management system. One of the primary tasks of asset management is the creation and maintenance of asset records, commonly referred to as inventory assets. From creation to retirement of an inventory asset, Sunflower Assets enables you to manage and oversee your department’s vast and diverse asset base.

Sunflower Assets provides the ability to monitor information about inventory assets and create insightful reports that can be used to identify those assets requiring upgrades, maintenance or underutilization by your department.


Property Management handles the annual inventory needs of Berkeley Lab by defining annual and five-year plans and works with all departments to conduct physical inventories that fulfill the DOE O 580.1A.  See our Inventories page for more information.

Lifecycle Asset Management

Property Management works with all Laboratory departments throughout the lifecycle of an asset including the creation of asset records, processing of property loans and borrows for use, institutional and federal level transfers, inventories and asset retirement. When there is personal property that is in the custody of Berkeley Lab, but belongs to other such as DOE contractors, federal agencies and suppliers, Property Management maintains records of these assets.

Property Tagging

Property Management supports all departments in tagging efforts and tags items that are not received through Receiving. Whenever practical, Government personal property must be identified or tagged as U.S. Government Property (or U.S. DOE Property).  The following are the categories and tagging criteria for all Accountable Property at Berkeley Laboratory.

Capital Property

Personal property items with an original acquisition cost of $500,000 or more are termed Capital Property and are subject to annual inventory requirements.

Controlled Property (a.k.a. Equipment)

Functionally complete, non-expendable assets that retain their identity and are not intended to be incorporated into another asset, plus have an acquisition cost of at least $10,000 and less than $500,000, are termed Equipment or Controlled Property.

Attractive Property

Berkeley Lab considers computer desktops, computer laptops and tablets to be Attractive Property items. Attractive Property items are barcoded and subject to inventory control.

Sensitive Property

Berkeley Lab has prepared a list of personal property items considered to be Sensitive. Sensitive Property is any property that has been determined to be potentially dangerous to public safety or security if stolen, lost or misplaced, or that shall be subject to exceptional physical security protection, control and accountability.