Property Management Reports

Laboratory Property Review (LPR)

Beginning December 1, 2018 – LPR will no longer be available.

Please contact your Division Property Representative to review, maintain or update DOE-tagged property location information.

Sunflower Asset Management System

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Sunflower Reports for Division Property Representatives

Sunflower AMS Reports Main Menu Sunflower Reports home page
Inventory Assets (Global Information) Detailed and summary reports of assets in Sunflower
Inventory Assets with Requests Assets with open change-steward, custodian, user and location requests
Executive Review Resolution Summary A summary of the current inventories progress and status
Agreement Activity A summary of asset additions and deletions, for a time period, for one or more loans or subcontracts

Inventory Reports

For an overview of how to run inventory reports, click here, or choose from a report below to go directly to that report.

Review Campaign Base Assets List of all assets in the inventory that are still open
Executive Review Resolution Summary Statistical information of “Open” and “Closed” assets
Resolution Interface Processing Results Available from the barcode reader once resolutions have been uploaded from Mobile Trak

Sunflower Asset Management System Access for Division Property Representatives

Click here to access the main Sunflower application.