Property Management Reports

Sunflower Asset Management System

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Sunflower Reports for Division Property Representatives

Sunflower AMS Reports Main Menu Sunflower Reports home page
Inventory Assets (Global Information) Detailed and summary reports of assets in Sunflower
Main Menu > Management Reports > Inventory Assets (Global Information)
Inventory Assets with Requests Assets with open change-steward, custodian, user and location requests
Main Menu > Management Reports > Inventory Assets with Requests
Executive Review Resolution Summary A summary of the current inventories progress and status
Main Menu > Review Reports > Executive Review Resolution Summary
Agreement Activity A summary of asset additions and deletions, for a time period, for one or more loans or subcontracts
Main Menu > Agreement Reports > Agreement Activity

Inventory Reports

For an overview of how to run inventory reports, click here, or choose from a report below to go directly to that report.

Review Campaign Base Assets List of all assets in the inventory that are still open
Main Menu > Review Reports > Review Campaign Base Assets
Executive Review Resolution Summary Statistical information of “Open” and “Closed” assets
Main Menu > Review Reports > Executive Review Resolution Summary
Resolution Interface Processing Results Available from the barcode reader once resolutions have been uploaded from Mobile Trak
Main Menu > Review Reports > Resolution Interface Processing Results

Sunflower Asset Management System Access for Division Property Representatives

Click here to access the main Sunflower application.