Off-site Storage

From time to time, it may be deemed necessary for LBNL/DOE personal property to be placed into controlled storage. The primary justifications for placing property into storage are:

  1. Inadequate space exists on the main site
  2. Known or potential future need exists for the property in planned projects– EHFFP (Equipment Held For Future Projects)
  3. Property being stored is a replacement for existing property currently in use – SPARES
  4. Temporary storage (less than 12 months) – Short-Term

For information and instructions on submitting requests to place property into, as well as removing property from, controlled off-site storage, please view our Off-site Controlled Storage Process and Guidelines or contact Todd Anderson (x4938).

> Visit our Resources & Training page to access our Off-site Storage-related Procedures
> Visit the Procurement & Property Forms page to access our Off-site Storage-related Forms


To schedule LBNL Transportation to pick-up and transport storage material and equipment, go  to the Facilities Work Request to complete the Transportation Move Request form.

To schedule Suddath Relocation Systems (off-site storage vendor) to provide pick-up and delivery services for storage materials and equipment, contact the Property Management Storage Coordinator, Todd Anderson (x4938).

Suddath Windfall Database

The Suddath Windfall Database contains information about all Berkeley Lab property currently held at their off-site storage facility. To review your property in storage, please contact Todd Anderson (x4938) to be assigned a User ID and password for read-only access to the database.

Annual Divisional Storage Review

All divisions with property in storage are required to participate in the Annual Divisional Storage Review. The purpose of the review is to determine whether the material and/or equipment in storage needs to be:

  1. Excessed
  2. Returned to an on-site location
  3. Retained in storage

Berkeley Lab Contact

Todd Anderson, Excess Lead
Ph: 510.486.4938

Suddath Relocation Systems (Vendor) Contact

Stephen Hung
Ph: 510.290.6009


Off Site Storage
Building 908
2071 Ringwood Ave., Ste. D
San Jose, CA 95131