Learn About the New eBuy Marketplace

The new eBuy Marketplace offers a friendlier user interface with its new look and improved features.  You can expect a familiar shopping experience while benefiting from additional functionalities such as the ability to save favorites and simplified shopping guides.

The information below will help you learn more about the changes to eBuy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Visit the informative frequently asked questions and answers to learn about the changes to eBuy.

Navigating the New eBuy Marketplace

Click here for a preview of the navigation basics of the new Marketplace.

Locating Key Functions in the New eBuy Marketplace

Typical shopping steps look different in the new Marketplace. We have created a guide to compare where key functions were located, and where they are located in the new system. Click here to preview the comparison guide.

New eBuy Tutorial Guides

We have created some great tutorials to ease the transition into using the new eBuy Marketplace. This includes a brand new User Guide with detailed step-by-step instructions for every task. Click here to access the new guide.