Non-Catalog Order Supplier Guide

See the list below for detailed information about each supplier’s instructions on non-catalog orders.

The following list of suppliers do not offer a non-catalog orders through eBuy;  Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT), McMaster-Carr, One Workplace, Pacific Office Solutions, (ergonomic non-chairs), Pivot Interiors, Inc., Telework Catalog, and Thermo Fisher Scientific (formerly Life Technologies) by GSS.  You may submit your non-catalog order for these suppliers through a PCard or ePro requisition.

Complete your order by using e-Forms from the Marketplace side menuFollow the Quote Request and Order With A Quote tools available through the GSS catalog on eBuyFollow the instructions on the supplier catalog to enter a non-catalog order
Airgas by GSS X
Alameda Electric Locally Owned SupplierX
Anixter by GSS X
Apple by Anacapa X
Azenta (formerly Genewiz) by GSS X
Bio-Rad by GSS X
CDW-G by Anacapa X
Cole-Parmer by GSS X
Complete Book
Dell by Wildflower X
Digi-Key by GSS X
EMD Millipore by GSS X
Ergo Chairs by One Workplace
Exclusive Networks USA X
Fisher Scientific by SSI X
GenScript X
Government Scientific Source X
Grainger by GSS X
Kapa Biosystems by GSS X
Kurt J Lesker X
Linde (formerly Praxair) by GSS X
MDC Vacuum X
MKS Instruments by GSS X
National Instruments by GSS X
Newark element 14 by GSS X
Newport Corporation by GSS X
Nor-Cal Products By GSS Comments X
Qiagen by GSS X
Roche Diagnostics by GSS X
S&S Supplies and Solutions X
Sigma-Aldrich by GSS X
Staples by Guy Brown
Swagelok X
Takara Bio USA by GSS X
Thorlabs by GSS X