ePro Manage My Orders

Renew a Contract

ePro will automatically send you email notifications notifying you when your contract will expire. If you would like to renew your contract, see our detailed instructions in the ePro User Guide.

Check on an Order

You can also view your order status by visiting the eProcurement Manage Requisitions page. View our useful Using ePro to Manage Requisitions guide on how you can view your order status, find out where your order is in the approval cycle, or check to see if an order invoice has been received. If you would like to contact your Procurement Specialist directly, please see the directory.

Change an Order

Once your requisition is accepted and converted into a Purchase Order, all changes to the order must be made by Procurement. Please do not contact the supplier directly to change your order or add items. This will cause a delay in the processing of your payment to the supplier and is against Lab policy. If you would like to contact your Procurement Specialist to change an order, please see the directory.

Cancel an Order

To cancel an order, please contact your Procurement Specialist (see the directory). Provide the Purchase Order Number, supplier name, total dollar amount and reason for canceling the order.

Return an Item

When placing an order be aware of the supplier’s return policy or warranty terms. See the Returns page for detailed information on how to file a return for replacement, credit or exchange.

Check on a Missing or Late Item

Contact your Procurement Specialist  (see the directory) for help checking on a missing or late item.