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> Gifting of Property for Use at Berkeley Lab – June 6, 2016
FY16 Statistical Sample Inventory – January 11, 2016
NEW Excess Internal Screening Service – August 13, 2015

Gifting of Property for Use at Berkeley Lab

June 6, 2016

Property that is deemed excess to the needs of another DOE Laboratory, DOE Facility or DOE Agency-Level Organization may have accountability transferred to Berkeley Lab via an Administrative Transfer Order.

However, when property is offered to Berkeley Lab by any non-federal entity outside of the “DOE community”, it is considered to be a “gift” to the University of California Regents. Gifts of property to Berkeley Lab are processed by the Innovation & Partnerships Office (IPO).

  • Neither Berkeley Lab (DOE) nor Lab employees may accept gifts of “personal property” – which includes all equipment, material, and supplies not classified as real property
  • Gifts of property are accepted in the name of, and title is vested with, the Regents of the University of California
  • Any property that has been accepted as a gift or that has been purchased with funds specifically accountable as a gift must be reported in accordance with the University of California and Berkeley Lab practices (see RPM Gifts for Research, Solicitation and Acceptance of)
  • Property acquired via IPO’s gifting process may be used at Berkeley Lab
  • The Innovation & Partnerships Office will notify Property Management when a gift of property has been accepted, so that an inventory record can be established
  • Gift acceptance paperwork must be approved by UC Regents before any equipment can be shipped to Berkeley Lab
  • The requesting division must contact their assigned EHS Division Liaison prior to using gifted property

FY16 Statistical Sample Inventory

January 11, 2016

LBNL will be conducting its annual inventory to comply with Contract 31 and DOE Order 580.1A requirements.  This year will be a statistical sample inventory starting on January 12, 2016 and concluding on April 30, 2016.

On January 7, 2016, Property Management sent out a notification, by e-mail, to all the custodians that had assets selected for the inventory.

As in past years, the inventory will consist of 6 separate campaigns:


Property Management will be distributing a weekly inventory status report to all of the divisional property representatives on Monday mornings.

> Visit Property Management’s Inventory Page

Please direct questions to Dave McFann at x6769 or

NEW Excess Internal Screening Service

August 13, 2015
DOE regulations require that before any asset is purchased, the requestor or Procurement must determine if the asset is available thought Berkeley Lab’s Excess.

To assist in meeting this requirement, the Property Management Group recently developed a web page that will allow people to view available property in Excess. The listed assets are available for redeployment to all Berkeley Lab employees.

The Internal Screening web page includes photos and descriptions (official name, manufacturer, model, acquisition date, condition) of the assets.

Procurement & Property Management encourages all employees to visit the Internal Screening web page prior to making purchases.

> Visit Internal Screening of Excess Property

Please direct questions to Todd Anderson x4938 or